Wild Game Processing

Why Prem Meats?

Prem Meats can butcher and process your favorite wild game into sausage, steaks, jerky, summer sausage and more.

  • Quality is our pledge to you

  • All products are made using our “Award Winning” recipes

  • We use only fresh beef, pork, and spices

  • Our equipment is washed and sanitized daily.

  • Our plant is state inspected and certified.

  • All prices include packaging

  • Your own cut meat is returned to you

Using proven recipes and meat processing techniques which have made our meat products a family favorite for years, Prem Meats can transform your wild game into a mouth watering dinner table delicacy.

More Information

During the bow season Prem Meats offer an “after hours deer drop off.”  Any time after hours hunters have access to our skinning area where they can hang and rinse their deer in a refrigerated room. All you have to do is leave your name and phone number on the deer and contact us the next day to place your order.  Please call ahead to verify the after hours drop off is available.


We do accept venison year round and will only allow CLEAN, well kept meat in our facility.  Any whole deer brought in that is spoiled will be disposed of.  A cleaning charge will be applied if the deer is excessively dirty or improperly field dressed.  All trim brought in must be clean and in clear, unscented bags.  No trim in garbage bags allowed.


During the smoking process some items will be subject to shrinkage.  A 33% loss will occur with beef sticks and 66% with jerky.


We have a reputation of performing an excellent service for hunters. We take pride in professionally handling your deer or wild game. We have been satisfying thousands of hunters for many years.


All prices subject to change without notice. Prem Meats’ Staff wishes you a safe and successful hunt!

Processing Fees

Processing $165.00  |  Caping $45.00 extra

Processing price includes cutting, wrapping, and freezing. We keep the hide for skinning.  ALL SMOKED PRODUCTS VACUUM PACKED FREE OF CHARGE.


Extruded Jerky
Teriyaki Jerky
Extruded Teriyaki Jerky
Garlic Pepper Jerky
Extruded Gar. Pep. Jerky
Snack Sticks
Teriyaki Sticks
Hot Sticks
BBQ Sticks
Jalapeno Sticks
Garlic Sausage
Hot n Spicy Sausage
Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage
Slicing Summer Sausage
Pepper Loaf
Bacon Sliced
Ring Bologna
Garlic Bologna
Hot Dogs
Smoked Brats
Fresh Brats/Italian Brats
Buffalo Blue Cheese Brat
Philly Cheese Brat
Mushroom Swiss Brat
Breakfast Sausage
Italian Sausage
Hamburger with Beef
Hamburger Patties
Cube Steak


Price per lb.

$1.50 ($1.75 w/ trim)
$2.50 ($3.00 w/ trim)
$0.50 ($1.00 w/ trim)


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